About me

Akintunde Akinleye


Photo: Fatoumata Diabate                                                   

"A camera is a physical object; a dog can aknowledge its presence by licking it. But when a camera is filming, it is no ordinary object. Through its presence, viewers who are really 'absent' are also magically present; in the presence of a camera, what is absent is also present, what is present is also absent".

                      William Rothman, In Documenting the Documentary,1998.


Akintunde Akinleye is my name. I appeared in the cycle of human existence in the fourth month of 1971. I am an  intellectual of African descent. An alumnus of two Nigerian Universities and a Laureate of World Press Photo in Amsterdam.

I have received graduate degrees in Education, Social Sciences and subsequently attended the Carleton University film school in Canada for a Masters of Arts degree. I have been diligent with time, memory and space I once shared and occupied.

From the academia to my recent work in documentary Photography, I remain resolute with fleeing moments. 

Those fleeing moments Perhaps, in Roger Scruton's thesis, do not make me a representational artist but a historian of Identity—Identity of semblance, one of the most contested topics in cultural philosophy, in robotic post-human age.